Monday, September 1, 2014

Chile comes to an end

            Continuing from my last Chile blog.  So the Arica Chilean contest came to an end and Amaury Laverhne was crowned the champion.  Congratulations to MOZ and PLC for an epic final.  Also, to all of the riders for putting on a show for the crowd on the last day.  The waves weren't big as last year, but there were still some sections and barrels to be had.  You have to be able to surf in allkines of conditions to be the best, big or small, you gatta be able to put it together in your heats and Amaury did just that.  As for me I ended up tying for 9th place.
            After the contest I cruised and enjoyed my time with Rapo and Camila and their family.  I was staying with them at their house in Arica and it was good times.  We just cruised the beach zones and ate lots of sushi.  haha.  They own and run their sushi business called Aloha Sushi.  I also got to spend some time with some of my other Arica friends which was cool.  The people are so nice and friendly and I love going back to Arica and Antofagasta every year.  Rapo and I then left to Antofagasta via the bus for the fourth stop on the APB tour.
           We rode the bus for about 10 hours and made it safely into Antofagasta.  I stayed with my family Ricki, Alfonso, and Hada, here in Antofagasta.  It was my third time staying with them and its nothing but good times.  Iain Campbell from South Africa stayed with us as well and was my roommate for the trip.  He's one of the biggest legends for sure.  Be sure to follow him on his Facebook athletes page at and on his instagram page @iain_campbell .  He was a little unlucky suffering 20 something stitches to his thigh after advancing out of his round 5 heat and could not compete anymore.  He was in good spirits though which was good ah! 
           The waves were the smallest I've seen it in Antofagasta, but I still loved it for sure!  Everyone was super nice as usual and the structure for the contest was crazy.  They had classes for the kids about bodyboarding and ocean safety and allkines of stuff.  They also had a stage for music bands to jam and allkines.  It was sick!!!!!!  I  ended up tying for 9th again just like Arica.  It was a big frustrating getting a 9th again, but I am looking forward to the next stop of the APB tour which is in Portugal at the end of the month.  Congratulations to Uri Valadao for winning the whole event as well as Alexandra Rinder for winning the women's division.
          Overall, this Chile trip was epic!  I've got to spend some good times and epic moments with my good friends from all over the world and with my Chilean families.  I love coming back to Chile every year and I'll for sure see everyone back in Chile next year.  I am now headed back to hawaii to compete in the IBA Hawaii sandy beach contest this weekend.  It should be lots of fun with lots of talented riders from hawaii entering.  I am amped and excited!  Mahalo to everyone for the support and love always!  Life is good :)
Rolling in my round 5 heat.  PC:  Bodyboard Nation.
Inverting in my round 6 heat.   PC:  Bodyboard Nation
PC:  Bodyboard Nation
Flapping in my round 6 heat.  PC:  Bodyboard Nation
Rapo is such a good cook.  Here he is cooking the grinds.
Pingpong times
Arica zones.
Camila, Rapo, and I cruising my last day in Arica at the beach with lots of Aloha Sushis.
My other good friend from Arica.  Karim zones
10 hour bus ride vibes to Antofagasta 
made it to Antofagasta 
Ice bucket challenge
Beautiful sunsets in Antofagasta 
Cruising the town zones
Hiked up this desert dirt mountain with a bunch of awesome people.  
downtimes in Antofagastbrah
My friend Jose who lives in Santiago, Chile that was on the Costa Conquest trip came to Antofagasta to watch me compete.  Such an awesome legendary guy!  yewww!
With Iain on our way to the hospital
@iain_campbell instagram zone
Pretty dirty and sketchy hospital
After 2 hours of stitching he got to leave 
Somehow in the local Antofagasta newspaper
My Family in Antofagasta. 
Instant coffee will do for now.  Can't wait to drink real coffee 
BBQ times
My brothers in Antofagasta repping the new SOL clothing shirts.  Get one now!
Our last night in Antofagasta.  Going to miss them.
My dream dog